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About Us

Mukhtiar engineering works was founded more than two decades ago. It was a metal Fabrication workshop by the Grandfather of our families which now run the factory. Mukhtiar Engineering Works is playing a major role in the development of Micro Hydro power plant in Pakistan .

Mukhtiar engineering works primary engaged repairing hydro turbine which were mostly brought by different institution of NWFP. From 1996, Mukhtiar engineering works started producing its own Hydro Turbine like Crossflow pelton wheel, having different capacities ranging from 5Kw to 250Kw.

Who We Are

We are Designer Manufacturer and Supplier of Micro Hydro Turbines, Hydraulic Speed Governors, Penstock Pipes , Panel Boards, Alternators, Gate valves , conductors, poles and other Allied accessories with 13 years of experience and expertise in this field. The main aim of our workshop was manufacturing Hydro Turbines for our country.

We are only Manufacturer/fabricator in Pakistan made maximum micro hydro turbines with installed capacity of 08MW in Pakistan (Swat Batagram, Bunir, Chitral, Dir, Kohistan Mansehra , Shangla , AJK, FATA) as well as in Afghanistan. We have achieved sufficient experience in the field of hydro power through exchange of knowledge and know – how with many of the Govs and NGOS .

We provide hydro turbine with a high efficiency quality and reliability at reasonable cost.

Mukhtiar Engineering Works has a Licence of T15 Crossflow Turbine in pakistan.

First T15 Crossflow Turbine Manufactured by Mukhtiar Engineering Works in Pakistan.